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Service  Concept



Comsumers’ satisfaction, enterprise’s satisfaction, social satisfaction


Professional - we just do one thing!


Profession – we only do one thing.


Efficience – prompt responses to changes of marketplace


Pragmatism – we pay attention to actual effect.


Customer Satisfaction - excellence pursuance and to exceed customer expectation


1. Definition of after-sale services problems


1.1 The new oasis of the wooden floor of the after sale service: refers to the product sales installation completion date to the user is doing a series of service work,the warranty period of three years of solid wood flooring, parquet warranty for a period of five years,  strengthen the wooden floor of the warranty period of twenty years. Services include hipping,  installation,  repair and introduce customer product use ,  maintenance,  and dealing with different causes of the complaints,  and to ensure that no media exposure and administrative penalty.


1.2 Responsibility definition: survey the scene situation, must first confirm that the attribution of responsibility, if the problem is caused by man-made damage by the consumer, or not by the company designated pavement, belonging to the consumer responsibility, invalid complain; if the problem is determined by the quality of the product itself, paving and other causes, as effective complaint.


2. the consumer customer service processing flow:


2.1 Consumers in the purchase of new oasis and paving floor, if customer service issues, there are two ways to make a complaint:


The proposal, directly to the local dealers complain.


The company in 800, called global free service telephone:800-830 2796complaints.


2.2 By the local dealer directly or after sale service department commissioned the new oasis local dealers, investigation, field survey the scene.


2.3 According to the actual situation analysis, to define the liability, fill in the survey report, obtained the corresponding results, confirming the question is valid or invalid complaints complaints, such as is invalid complain, make corresponding processing and interpretation.


2.4 If a valid complaint, proved to be their quality problems of products, the company responsible for the returned; the other because of installation and construction cause problems, including working hours, compensation complaints handling, distributor is responsible for handling and bear the costs.


3. the rights and obligations of the company and dealers:


3.1 Authorized dealers to establish local customer service teams, issued a certificate of authorization.


3.2 The company unified training after sale service personnel, can meet the technical standards issued certificate.


3.3 The company responsible for providing qualified products, such as installation quality problems can be returned, return clause.


3.4 The company provides products and service quality tracking of single, in the warranty period ( after installation) non-human factors leading to severe burst or a large area of paint and other phenomena, proved to be a quality product, the company responsible for the returned; others ( including working hours, compensation complaints ) distributor is responsible for handling and bear the costs.


3.5 The dealer if not according to the relevant provisions of the company and causing economic and loss of reputation, the company has the right to cancel the dealership after sale service team establishs the rights, and have the right to terminate the agency agreement, investigate the compensation and legal liability.


3.6 Dealers set up customer service service team, responsible for the after sale service personnel management, work schedule and make relevant regulations system.


3.7 After sale service dealers responsible for a series of work, fill in" quality of service after sale tracking card".


3.8 During the warranty period the dealer is responsible for handling customer complaints, as a result of improper handling of the adverse effect, must bear all the responsibility and cost.


3.9 The Distributor shall after receiving complaints within 24 hours back to the user, and to find out the reasons, analysis of responsibility, such as with the company's product quality, with the company to negotiate processing.


3.10 The dealer receives product quality complaints, should be regulated in the survey report and fax to the company after sale service department, company after verifying the situation to make treatment approval.


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