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Create friendly living environment, establish harmonious homeland.




Integrate social resources, build Win-Wins business model.




Nature, true feeling, diligence




Abandon ordinary, approach excellence


Quality Policy


Perfect products, warmly service


Service Policy


Satisfy consumers and society.




Corporation brand is flag, innovation is soul, credit is root, service is source.




New Oasis, warmly feeling.




Strategy Positioning


1) Become the leader of wooden flooring industry by updating Industrial pattern.


2) To be a rulemaker and leader of wooden flooring industry.


3) Be devoted to supplying our clients best quality and competitive products as well as professional service.


4) Be devoted to supplying big clients custom service.







Credibility – credibility of corporation, service, and orders


Quality – quality of corporation, products, and staff


Speed - Speed of development, business, behavior





Serve Concept


Profession – we only do one thing.


Efficience – prompt responses to changes of marketplace.


Pragmatism – we pay attention to actual effect.


Customer Satisfaction - excellence pursuance and to exceed customer expectation



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